Franco’s Lost Gold

My first published book is now out in English and Swedish, both e-book and print (and AI-narrated audio book too)!

If you like fast-paced books of action and adventure, written in a movie-style, I hope you will support my endeavor, buy any version of the book and write a smashing review! Happy reading this summer and hope to bring you the next book soon. You are so welcome to ping me directly as well, as always.

ORDER THE BOOK TODAY! Available in all Amazon countries, Google Books and The Book Dragon. Apple offer the English version as AI-narrated audio book. Chose your local site for best shipping terms. Links to other book stores.

What´s it about?

In a clandestine commando raid during the Spanish civil war, over $5 billion in gold is stolen to assure Franco’s fascist victory, but the gold vanishes without a trace.

More than 80 years later, Will McLaren follows a trace after his unknown father to southern Spain, only to get caught up in a web of family secrets, Colombian drug lords, organized crime, and murder. To survive, Will must bring down his family’s crime syndicate and find the lost treasure; Franco’s lost gold. Before the dark forces, seeking to build a new empire, finds it.”

It tells the story of Will, who grew up under grim circumstances with his mother’s new husband and step-siblings. Surviving that horror, especially after his mother’s death, he left for good. Not knowing who his real father was, his only clue has been a necklace given to him under strange circumstances one Christmas. Living a nomad life after a short military career, he works as a dive instructor in Belize when he receives a call. He learns that the man who probably is his father is on his death bed in southern Spain. Will decides to leave his life in Cay Caulker and follow the trail, trying to understand why he was left as a child. Well in Spain he is immediately drawn into the fight between law enforcement and local mafia. It turns out there is more to his family story than he could fathom; the secret of what happened to Franco’s lost gold as well as his uncles having put a death sentence on him and his father. Teaming up with some newly found friends, the only course of action to survive is to both put a stop to the most powerful and politically supported crime syndicate in Spain and at the same time finding the 100 tonnes of gold stolen during the start of the Civil War. Behind the mafia, shadowy figures lurk with totally different intentions…


Some of you know that I have tried to write books for more than a decade. Few of you know that a couple of years ago I decided to for real learn how to do just that. When the pandemic hit and all social- and training time (the >10h per week in the dojo) disappeared, I took that time plus most spare time, to accelerate my writing.

First, I studied more intensely than even at university. Then, decided on what to write. Having grown up with the kind of action-adventure books written by Clive Cussler, Robert Ludlum, Alistair MacLean, and others, this was my genre of choice. This type of story is very close to my heart.

So, I set out to write my first novel with historical connections, adventure, diving, treasure, caves, lots of action, and at the same time digging into what drives both the good and the bad. Admittedly, I have a lot of emotional attachment to Spain and have explored a bit of the southern coast. For locations, I used places I have traveled to, usually with my wife Petra and/or our kids.

“Franco’s Lost Gold” is the result of more than 3 years of work. Actually, I first wrote it in Swedish and then translated it to English (bi-lingual). Next time, I think I´ll do it the other way around. The Swedish title is “Francos Guld”, mainly for esthetical reasons when creating the cover.

It is based on some facts and some myths, relating to incidents both during the Spanish Civil War as well as old treasure from days of conquest. 

I have chosen to publish my book(s) through Amazon’s Kindle as a start because it makes both the English and Swedish versions available as e-books and paperback print books (print-on-demand in just a couple of days). Intentionally, I set the price as low as possible to get things flying. It has then also become available at about a dozen online retailers and as physical books in the UK (The Book Dragon).

Again, hope you like it and hope you let me know!